Welcome to LoveLightPhotography. My name is Tanya Rock and I have lived on the Isle Of Wight all of my life. I have a passion for travel and photography.

For as long as I can remember I have been taking photo's and I credit my Uncle Ronnie for starting my love of the camera as I don't have a memory of him without one around his neck.

The word Photography is a combination of  the Greek words 'Photo' meaning light and 'Graphia' meaning writing or drawing, which means Photography literally means Drawing with Light.  Light certainly makes a photograph and this is why I chose the name LoveLightPhotography.

I hope you like my photographs.

All of my photos are available for purchase on either canvas or print - please contact me for prices. All requests are individually calculated on your requirements based on size and wether required on canvas or print.

If you don't see the view / landscape you are looking for please contact me for a specific request.

 About me